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No Cost Cremation

A Smart Alternative to Traditional End-of-Life Arrangements


Cremation at no cost to the family. The gift of body donation through our partner, The Anatomy Foundation, contributes to advancing science, implant product development, medical training and education. The gift of others has unlocked treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ALS, degenerative joint disease, heart disease and much more. Without the assistance of human body donation after death, we would not have the medical advancements that we see today.

The gift of body donation also eliminates the cost of cremation, reducing the financial obligation during an already difficult time.

Whole-Body Donation

Body donation, also known as whole-body donation, is the act of giving one’s body for scientific research or education after death. It is a way for individuals to contribute to medical research and education and can help improve the understanding of various diseases and conditions. Body donations are typically used for anatomy and medical education, training for surgeons and other medical professionals, and research into a wide range of medical conditions.

In the United States, body donation is regulated by the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, which allows individuals to donate their bodies to science through a written document, such as a will or a donor card. It is important to note that body donation is not the same as organ donation, as organ donation involves the removal and transplantation of specific organs or tissues, while body donation involves the entire body.

If you are interested in body donation, it is important to research the process and make your wishes known to your family and loved ones. It is also important to contact a body donation program or organization to register as a donor and to discuss any specific wishes or requirements you may have.


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